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Legends In Concert is the longest running tribute show in Las Vegas featuring some of the worlds best tribute artists. Each January they bring their full production show to Melbourne for a 3-week season and in 2020, I had the enormous honour of being invited to perform in the role of Johnny Cash as one of the headline artists.

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On Monday January 6, I flew to Melbourne to begin rehearsals for our Thursday opening night and over the next 3 weeks we performed 20 shows to packed houses. It was a joy to be part of such an amazing show.


Each and every member of the production from my fellow headline artists, to the show’s producers to the production crew, the band, the dancers, the backing singers and the backstage crew at the Palms are not only some of the most talented, hard-working and dedicated professionals I’ve had the privilege to work with, but they are also some of the warmest and loveliest people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet.

I found myself side of stage during each performance watching this incredible show and I can say that it is a show not to be missed.

From the second the curtain went up each night to the opening bars of “The Bitch is Back” with the uber talented Stephen Sorrentino performing as Elton John, the audience was treated to a high energy, international standard, full-production Las Vegas show, complete with an amazing live band, backing vocalists and incredible dancers.

Katy Setterfield performed Dusty Springfield’s classic songs with all the mastery of Dusty herself, finishing her set each night with a stunning rendition of “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”.

Barrie Cunningham had audiences singing and clapping along to Neil Diamond’s biggest hits including, “Sweet Caroline” and “Cherry Cherry” and Hunter Gerard and his Village People had each and every audience member on their feet for the YMCA……

By the time it was my turn to take the stage following the incredible Marva Scott as Diana Ross, I was ready to give it my all….. Just from the amount of energy that these amazing performers were putting out on that stage and the energy that we were all getting back from a smiling, clapping, singing and cheering audience.

Joined by my own Legends Tennessee Three, led by our killer Musical Director, George Safire on guitar and his incredibly talented sons Daniel on Bass and Alan on Drums….. As well as getting the opportunity to share a stage with our amazing dancers, Folsom, Walk the Line, Sue, Jackson and Ring of Fire flew by every night. I had the joy of singing Jackson with one of our awesome Backing Vocalists, Baylie Carson…. An incredible singer and absolutely hilarious, Baylie embodied every bit of the unique style and humour that June brought to the stage…. It was loads of fun every night just seeing what she’d do next.


After leaving the stage to applause over the closing bars of Ring of Fire, the show then shifted up a gear with a high energy Erika Moul running through a string of Lady Gaga’s hits, ending up standing atop a grand piano, waving her arm along with the audience, belting out “A Million Reasons” and then going on to a show-stopping rendition, with Hunter Gerard, of the mega hit “Shallow” from “A Star is Born”…….

Well there’s only one way to follow that….. The King!

It wouldn’t be a Vegas show without the King and Kevin Mills is one of the best I’ve seen…. He had audiences eating out of his hand every night and belted out those incredible songs in a way, which I’m sure, that would make Elvis himself proud.

As the curtain fell to us all belting out the final strains of Viva Las Vegas, I felt extremely proud to be part of such a quality show and amongst such incredible performers.


After each show we got the chance to go out and say hi to the audience and we were met with long lines of people waiting get a photo and have a chat. I personally had so many lovely comments from people saying how much they loved my Johnny Cash…. It was a real highlight to hear that I had made such an impression amongst these world class performers. It was an enormous high each night be part of such a wonderful production and one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Beyond feeling I belonged there as a performer I have found some new lifelong friends amongst this group of extraordinary human beings and they made feel like I am truly now a part of the Legends In Concert family…. Their family.


I hope to do it all again soon

See you on the road